Project Management

AT CASA approach to construction project management is rooted in our history as a claims consulting company. Our grasp of what may go wrong on a project is distinct and comprehensive because to this history. By using strategic planning and controls, we may utilize this knowledge to recognize possible trouble spots before they become issues and to suggest or start preventive action.

Construction Advisory

To make sure our ideas are appropriate for your company, Spire offers its construction advising services in a cooperative, partnership-based manner. We make an effort to become familiar with your goals, mission, and organizational culture in order to offer help that can be seamlessly incorporated into daily operations to raise output across the board.

Dispute Resolution

In addition to preparing findings based on forensic investigations and providing expert testimony that clients and fact-finders can depend on to make educated judgments, AT CASA offers a road map for comprehending the technical aspects of disputes. This phased approach provides the client with crucial feedback early and throughout the process to inform its decision-making and strategy in resolving the dispute.

Quality Services

Land Minning

Our land mining services involve expert excavation and land preparation for construction projects. From site clearing to grading and soil analysis, our skilled professionals ensure the optimal foundation for your building endeavors.

Building Staffs

Our building staff architecture services encompass comprehensive design and oversight for construction projects. Working closely with clients and construction teams, we deliver architectural plans that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality while meeting regulatory standards.

Material Supply

We offer material supply services to streamline the procurement and delivery of construction materials. Whether it's concrete, steel, or roofing materials, our team ensures timely and efficient delivery to your project site.


Our consultancy services offer expert guidance tailored to your construction projects. From project management to design optimization and regulatory compliance, our consultants provide solutions to complex challenges, ensuring the success of your endeavors.


Our comprehensive architecture services offer tailored design solutions for diverse construction needs. Collaborating closely with clients, our experienced architects prioritize creativity and functionality, ensuring each project reflects their unique vision.

Crane Service

Our crane services provide essential lifting and transportation solutions for construction sites. We facilitate the safe and precise movement of heavy materials and equipment with skilled operators and state-of-the-art equipment.

Talk to us

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